Hi all! I love metal music, wrestling, photo manipulation, design, read, imagine and writing horror & fantasy stories.

Fem idols: Anette Olzon, Tarja Turunen, Floor Jansen, Velvet Sky, Lita, ODB, Trish Stratus, Christina Von Eerie, Angela Gossow, Victoria VelMort, Lindsay Schoolcraft, Marcela Bovio, Sonya Scarlet

Male Idols: Alex Riley, Jeff Hardy, James Storm, Roman Reigns, Dani Filth, José Madero, Chris Jericho, Edge, Bruce Dickinson, Shagrath, Dio, ICS Vortex

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Today is the day! Shine is officially out! If you’re able, go out and pick up your copy!

To celebrate today, I want to post the song I was most looking forward to hearing on this album.  I’ve been listening to the demo for years and have always wondered what a polished studio version would sound like. I’m happy to say that it more than exceeded my expectations. This song was written as a bit of a lullaby to her firstborn child. The beautifully lush and understated arrangement more than does the song justice. ♥

  • Track: Invincible
  • Artist: Anette Olzon
  • Album: Shine
  • Plays: 300