Hi all! I'm LexiVonEerie, 20 years old from Mexico, City. I love metal music, wrestling, photo manipulation, design, read, imagine and writing horror & fantasy stories

I'm Supernatural fan! Love Misha Collins, Genevieve Cortese & Mark Pellegrino *-*

My Fem idols: Anette Olzon, Velvet Sky, Tarja Turunen, Floor Jansen, Lita, ODB, Trish Stratus, Christina Von Eerie, Angela Gossow, Victoria VelMort, Lindsay Schoolcraft, Marcela Bovio, Sonya Scarlet

Male Idols: Alex Riley, Jeff Hardy, James Storm, Roman Reigns, Dani Filth, José Madero, Chris Jericho, Edge, Bruce Dickinson, Shagrath, Dio, ICS Vortex.

Background Illustrations provided by: http://edison.rutgers.edu/
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lol so at school. Me and some friends were talking about supernatural. and I like basically yelled out “oh my god! I LOVE LUCIFER HE IS SOOO HOT!” mind you I got to a Christian private school.


sent to the deans office and I had to tell him I was talkin about a tv show. had to look up supernatural and the supernatural Lucifer. just to prove it.

good times